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Success Stories

"Working as an entry level nurse makes me proud. I love working at St. Barnabas. I have a real opportunity to have a good life…" — Mr. Candido Perez, YTTW CNA Apprenticeship Program
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The Youth Transitions To Work (YTTW) Physical Therapy Aide Apprenticeship Scholarship Program is a training to work initiative to start careers in Physical Therapy; It is designed to train you and get you into a part-time job within 6 months. It provides you with an academic enrichment program to prepare you for future study in the healthcare field, and more!

A few program highlights:
The Youth Transitions To Work (YTTW) Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Apprenticeship Scholarship Program provides outreach, trains and places recent high school graduates. The YTTW Program targets high school seniors and juniors and offers both structured on-the-job training and relevant classroom instruction.

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