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The Newark Municipal Council
The Newark Workforce Investment Board
The Newark Youth Investment Council
The Newark Youth One-Stop Career Center &
The Jersey Health Care Employers District 1199J Training and Development Fund


Newark Young Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program (N.Y.A.P.P.)

The NYOSCC is excited to announce the Pre-Apprenticeship program to the City of Newark. The purpose is to Mentor, Educate, Train, and Place young adults in self-sustainable employment.

Inquire TODAY....
Please visit www.tdfundl for more information

* Limited slots available.
This is a Pre-Apprenticeship program that will lead to an Apprenticeship.

For more information please contact District 1199J at 973-643-1600 or
The Newark Youth One-Stop Career Center at 973-273-6064

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(A stipend will be provided)

City of Newark
City of Newark
Luis A. Quintana, Mayor

Municipal Council
Mildred C. Crump, Council President/Council Member at-Large
Augusto Amador, Council Vice President/Council Member, East Ward
Ras J. Baraka, Council Member, South Ward
Carlos M. Gonzalez, Council Member at-Large
John Sharpe James, Council Member at-Large
Anibal Ramos, Council Member, North Ward
Ronald C. Rice, Council Member, West Ward
Darin S. Sharif, Council Member, Central Ward

Department of Administration
Julien X. Neals, Esq., Business Administrator

Department of Economic and Housing Development
Daniel Jennings, Acting Director

NewarkWorks One Stop Career Center
Norma González, Director of Operations

Workforce Investment Board
Nelida Valentin, Executive Director, NWIB
Kathy Weaver, Chair

Youth Investment Council
Nicole Butler, Chair
Kim Cook, Co-Chair

District 1199J National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Susan Cleary, President

District 1199J New Jersey Health Care Employers Training and Development Fund
Stephanie Harris-Kuiper, Executive Director

Newark Youth One-Stop Career Center
Brian Rawls, Director
Monica Colón, Deputy Director

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