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USDOL: Physical Therapy Aide Occupation Granted Nat’l Apprenticeship Status - Green Lights NJ Healthcare Employers’ Occupation Petition.

Newark, N.J. 8/2/12

The U.S. Department of Labor - Office of Apprenticeship (USDOL) recently announced it has approved the occupation of Physical Therapy Aide as a nationally recognized apprenticeship occupation, allowing development of Physical Therapy Aide apprenticeship programs on a national level.

The apprenticeship designation is the first of its kind within the field of physical therapy in the United States.

The benchmark approval comes after almost two years of exhaustive research into the employment growth of physical therapy (PT) and the corresponding urgent need for effective PT Aide training by the petitioner, New Jersey Healthcare Employers District 1199J’s Training and Development Fund, which petitioned the U.S. Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship to recognize the occupation as an occupation in which apprenticeship opportunities may be created. With its approval, the occupation has now been added to nearly 1,000 apprenticeship occupations in the U.S. Upon completion, participants receive a nationally recognized certificate of completion from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The USDOL’s apprenticeship designation clears the way for further training development among physical therapy aides in the U.S., and comes on the heels of a successful partnership between the apprenticeship petitioner, New Jersey Healthcare Employers District 1199J’s Training and Development Fund (Fund) and the New Jersey Department of Labor Workforce Development. Both entities partnered over the last two years to develop a training grant entitled Youth Transitions to Work (YTTW) Physical Therapy Aide Apprenticeship aimed at recruiting, mentoring, training and placing into registered apprenticeship programs area high school juniors and seniors as Physical Therapy Aides.

“With Physical Therapy careers expected to balloon by over 30 percent in the next ten years, District 1199J is excited to have the opportunity to sponsor a registered apprenticeship program and mentor and train area high school students in physical therapy careers. We value the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life,” said Susan Cleary, District 1199J’s President.

The YTTW program trains area high school juniors and seniors, equipping them with both work readiness skills and the academic training needed to be successful in the healthcare industry. Interested students are screened by a professional placement counselor, administered a basic skills test to gauge academic achievement and then offered the chance to participate as a registered apprentice. Participants also experience 40 hours of job shadowing as a PT Aide at a hospital and/or nursing home.
The students are given a series of hospital and nursing home visits, workshops, and academic tutoring sessions, allowing the opportunity to observe healthcare workers in a professional setting. Work readiness workshops are also offered to prepare them for a career in healthcare. Topics include:

As the students make their way through the Program, they establish valuable contacts within the healthcare industry. It’s an exciting way to launch a career in healthcare as they gain valuable on the job training.

Press Contact: Mark Kuiper 732-781-5751, 973-643-3264, 973-643-0589

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