New Jersey Healthcare Employers District 1199J Training and Development Fund

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"Working as an entry level nurse makes me proud. I love working at St. Barnabas. I have a real opportunity to have a good life…" — Mr. Candido Perez, YTTW CNA Apprenticeship Program
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New Jersey Health Care Employers District 1199J-AFSCME Training and Development Fund (Fund) was established in 1987 as a joint labor/management collective bargaining agreement to provide upgrading opportunities to Union members. It is considered the training-arm of the Union.

The Fund implements programs to assist Union members with developing and maintaining both educational and professional skills needed for career advancement. Employee representation includes, but is not limited to nurses, service and maintenance, clerical and technical professional workers.

A unique aspect of the Fund is its ability to work directly with members from the point of entry. Governed by genuinely interested Board of Trustees and staff members, the Fund seeks to implement educational training programs designed and structured to deter obstacles in career paths of its membership.

The Fund is always assessing the needs of its members and working towards providing quality training programs and academic/counseling services. Employees working for contributing institutions can participate in any of the Fund’s programs. Currently, the Fund offers free internal training program and tuition reimbursement, including:

Adult Basic Education    Computer Applications
LPN Preparatory Nursing Program    GED Preparation
English as a Second Language    Public Speaking for Health Care Workers
Individual/Group Tutoring    Multicultural Aspects of Health

The Youth Transitions to Work CNA & PT Aide Apprenticeship Programs (YTTW), which are grant funded programs of the Fund, are aimed at preparing Newark-Metro area high school juniors and seniors for post-secondary academic rigors, and apprenticeship placements.

Students are administered a basic skills test to assess academic achievement and are then offered the chance to participate in preparatory sessions, which offers them the chance to experience the work and training in either nursing or physical therapy first hand. Work readiness workshops are also offered.

The YTTW program allows for students to form a career bridge, beginning with becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), leading to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), and finally a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Along the way, YTTW solidifies the linkages between each field of the study in nursing/physical therapy, allowing students to create a career lattice.

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